Believe in Us: The Flyers trade for Matt Niskanen

The Flyers made a trade today, and to say the least, I’m not thrilled. The official details of the deal are Radko Gudas for Matt Niskanen of the Washington Capitals. The Flyers also agreed to retain just over $1 million of Gudas’ $3.35 million salary. That comes to 30%. Before I dive into why I don’t like this deal, let’s learn about the two players involved.

Believe in Us: Reviewing and Re-signing the Flyers’ Restricted Free Agents.

This is Fletcher’s time to shine, a young, deep team with talent. Talent that has been misused under former head coaches but hopefully will be used correctly by newly hired head coach Alain Vigneault. Some of that talent is not under a contract, but is still technically under team control. Welcome to restricted free agency. These 8 players are the Flyers’ restricted free agents, here is what I think they should do with each of them:

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