Peyton Krebs Well Worth the Risk

The Golden Knights held the 17th overall draft pick going into the 2019 Entry Draft, and with speculations over draft order up in the air, anything could have happened. What actually did happen, however, is an interesting decision.

Peyton Krebs is an 18 year old LW/C from Calgary, and a very skilled player and point-producer (68 points in the 2019-2019 season with Kootenay Ice). He was projected to be taken much higher than 17th overall before he injured his Achilles. With such a drastic injury heading into the draft, many teams were hesitant to select him. This resulted in him dropping from what was likely a top 10 draft spot.

Instead of sitting back on their heels, the Golden Knights took the golden opportunity to add a young, talented player to their ranks. But at what cost?

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There is reason to believe his partial tear will not tamper with his mobility or athleticism once he makes a full recovery, but injuries to the Achilles are always touch and go. If he makes a full recovery he will be a great asset to the Golden Knights, and an opportunity some teams will wish they didn’t miss out on.

On the other hand, if the Achilles injury does come back to haunt him as they so often do, he may spend a career skating on eggshells.

Most signs point to a speedy and efficient recovery, with hope that he will only miss a few games of his 2019-2020 season. For both Krebs and the Golden Knights franchise, the injury is hopefully nothing to worry about.

Welcome to Vegas, Peyton!

Article by Tess Garchinsky (@flyersnbuckets)

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