Spring Cleaning In the East?

The Bruins completed their sweep of the Hurricanes earlier this week, making the total number of sweeps in the eastern conference 4. In the western conference? Big fat 0. The closest they came was a 4-1 victory over the Flames.

Image from jacketscannon.com

It started with the Blue Jackets and their historic sweep of top-seated presidents trophy victors, the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a huge upset, brackets falling to pieces before our very eyes. Nobody expected the young team to go far. Jokes of “Lightning in 3” were null and void, displaying the true power of the underdog mindset. Even if they didn’t make it all the way, they proved themselves.

Image from nypost.com

Also in the first round was the first of two Metropolitan matchups. The Islanders were set to play the Penguins- a team that had been able to find playoff success in recent years. Instead of just facing adversity, the rejuvenated team and fanbase decided to steamroll it, advancing to the second round in just 4 games. They eagerly awaited the victor of the Canes-Caps matchup, hoping to keep the momentum rolling.

Image from bostonglobe.com

Spoiler alert: the Islanders were facing the Hurricanes. It did not go well for them. The Hurricanes maintained their game 7 momentum, translating their 2OT victory over the (no longer) reigning champions into another 4 consecutive over the Isles. The Eastern Conference Finals and the Bruins-Jackets victor stood in their way of another shot at the cup.

Image from clnsmedia.com

For the Hurricanes, it went about as well as you expected it to go. This is about consecutive sweeps, after all. The Bruins triumphed in round 3 and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals with a 4-0 game 4 win that tallied the 4th win of the series.

To review, the 3 sweep succession in one branch of the Eastern Conference contained just 12 games, the minimum required. Altogether, the Eastern conference used 32 out of a possible 49 games. Will the Bruins continue the sweeping streak? Will they fall to the Sharks-Blues victor? Or will they bring home a cup and give the city of Boston their 2nd big 4 sports championship of 2019?

Article by Tess Garchinsky (@flyersnbuckets)

Cover photo from masslive.com

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