What Is Marner Worth?

Mitch Marner’s impending contract is something that’s on the forefront of all of Leaf’s fans minds, and will be until he’s signed, with the Leafs or not. 

Marner has said time and time again that he wants to stay in Toronto, but if Toronto lowballs him, as his management has been saying they have been, he could leave to a different team. 

So that brings us to the question, what is Mitch Marner worth? 

He’s a winger, not a center, and centers are usually paid more than wingers. However, Marner puts up insane points and his hockey IQ is insane. He can make plays and handle the puck like nobody’s business. He’s fast and calculated. His numbers don’t even begin to show the entire story of the type of player he is. 

To put it in perspective though, in 82 games this season, Marner put up 94 points with 26 goals and 68 assists. There’s no denying that he’s good. Great, even. 

9.5 million is what Toronto is on the record offering him, which Marner’s agent considered low. What Marner’s team is looking for is 11.5 million annually. 

With Auston Matthew’s latest contract of $11.6 million annually and John Tavares’ $11 million annually, Toronto may not be able to pay Marner the amount he’s truly worth. Other teams could have the cap space to pay him Matthews and Tavares money. 

Just because Marner wants to stay in Toronto doesn’t mean he should lower his own worth. And Marner’s management will not allow him to.

Other teams have definitely taken notice of how great Marner is and how great he will be in the upcoming years. Offer sheets from other teams may be getting looked at by his management more if Toronto doesn’t step up. 

Image credit: Puck Planet

Julia Kender, @JK_Kender

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