Believe in Us: Why I Love the Philadelphia Flyers

It’s May 14th, 2010. The Philadelphia Flyers are in Boston, taking on the Bruins in Game 7 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals. Simon Gagne just scored the go-ahead goal, and the TV cuts to the Wachovia Center where fans filled the seats just to watch the game on the big screen. 


Pandemonium, absolute pandemonium. Around me, my friends were cheering, but I kept my eyes on the TV. Seeing all those fans go ballistic is what made me fall in love with this great (and sometimes dumb) sport. More specifically, this is when I fell in love with the Flyers. Although it’s been pretty much downhill from that miraculous playoff run backstopped by *checks notes* Brian Boucher? AND Michael Leighton? No wonder the Flyers are known as the team who hasn’t had an actually good goalie in so long. Hopefully Carter Hart puts an end to that, fingers crossed. Anyway, that crazy playoff run featured a total upset of the Brodeur led New Jersey Devils in five games, including an overtime winner from Dan Carcillo of all people. Then being down to Boston 3-0 in the series, AND in game 7 before Gagne put us through to face the Montreal Canadiens. The 2010 Canadiens were actually the only team in the Eastern Conference Playoffs with less regular season points than the Flyers. Wow, that was a weird year. Finally, after a 5 game series with Montreal, the Flyers went on to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the Final, and you all know what happened, I don’t need to bring it up again. Okay fine, the Flyers lost and the Hawks started their dynasty of 3 cups in 5 years and the Series winning goal was scored by the player the Flyers just missed out on the chance of draft at number one overall in the 2007 Draft. Ah, the fresh taste of heart wrenching agony. After that whole run, I was hooked. I had the Flyer fever. How could you not? I grew up about 45 minutes outside Philadelphia, I watched Rocky as a kid, I bought into that whole underdog mantra. A quick shoutout to the 2017-18 Eagles (they won the Super Bowl). Seeing the Flyers excel, especially as underdogs made me fall madly in love.

Now, I want to say how happy I am to be writing about this team and thank some people. I want to thank @dantheflyerafan for giving me this incredible opportunity. I want to thank my entire family for being there for me, and giving me all the tools I need to succeed. I want to thank my friend Ryan for talking about the Flyers with me since nobody else is crazy enough to do it. You helped me develop my knowledge and keep me into the Flyers. But, most of all (yes, even more than my family) I want to thank Steve “Dangle” Glynn. You’re an inspiration, and you made me realize that this is what I want to do with my life. Write about the team that’s ruining my life, but not actually, but kinda.

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-Sal Cusumano (@scusu33)

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